This project involved the five institutions of the HES-SO. The project team was composed of:

Yann Thoma HEIG-VD//REDS
Etienne Messerli HEIG-VD//REDS
Michel Starkier HEIG-VD//REDS
Daniel Molla HEIG-VD//REDS
Sebastien Masle HEIG-VD//REDS
Cédric Bardet HEIG-VD//REDS
Christophe Bianchi HES-SO//VS
Oliver Gubler HES-SO//VS
Claude Magliocco EIA-FR
Philippe Crausaz EIA-FR
Samuel Tâche EIA-FR
Denis Prêtre HE-Arc
Gregory Trolliet hepia
Luigi Zaffalon hepia
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