Here are all the useful documents about the project. All of them are in pdf format.

  • Full documentation
    • This document contains the user manual, the description of the building blocks, the structure of the generated hardware, as well as the description of the testbenches
  • Description of the building blocks
    • This document describes the structure of the building blocks. These blocks perform the following operations, on floating points of 32 or 64 bits:
      • Addition
      • Subtraction
      • Multiplication
      • Division
      • Square
  • Description of the structure generated
    • This document shows how the building blocks are combined in order to calculate the required function. It also illustrates all the control needed for structures such as if/then/else and for loops.
  • Description of the testbenches
    • This document shows the structure of the testbench that is automatically generated for every design. The testbench is based on SystemVerilog and can adapt to functions of any number of input/output.
  • RECOMS integration
    • In the framework of the project, two demonstrators were realized. One of these has been integrated within the RECOMS project. This document presents this integration, but is less useful for the comprehension of the project.
  • User Manual
    • This is simply the user manual that allows to rapidly use the software tool.

The source code documentation, generated with Doxygen, can be found here.

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